Photography by  @sisterscoutstudio

BON LUX is a small perfume atelier. A creative business hand-making a small range of artful scented goods from a studio in Melbourne, Australia.

BON LUX began in 2014, by Chantel Camilleri who drew on her background in fashion design, textiles and fine art; and her endless love of flowers. Chantel began BON LUX as a self-taught perfumer, and uses her knowledge gained in formal study of natural perfumery to create unique, layered scents which evoke memories, and enhance moods.

BON LUX products combine Chantel’s own painting, design and storytelling with perfume into a range of unique, individually hand-made, scented products for gifting and self-care. Made with ingredients sourced locally, including home-grown and always with love. The BON LUX range is proudly stocked in boutique stores across Australia and sold internationally.

To see more about BON LUX studio, keep up to date on markets and new collections, please follow @bonluxcandles

Photo credit @sisterscoutstudio