The story

BON LUX hand craft unique, layered botanical perfumes; and blend them into scented things for home and body. We make soy wax candles, face mists, bath milk, room sprays and room oil blends, matchboxes and eye pillows, all finished in our illustrated packaging.

In our Melbourne studio we combine our experience in design and product development, with our love of perfume blending and storytelling to create for those who appreciate the hand made.

BON LUX products are created in small batches, using the finest cruelty free, palm oil free and 100% vegan ingredients. We use sustainably farmed soy wax, locally sourced plant and essential oils, flower waters, dried herbs, cotton wicks, hand blown glass, beautiful paper stock and locally printed illustrated packaging. We hand make each product in-house, by hand, using far less resources than any factory processes, to keep our carbon footprint small.

BON LUX products come in fully recycle-able packaging, and we encourage you to re-purpose tins, glasses and tubs for storing nic-nacs and small items to extend their use.

BON LUX create meaningful things as a small moment of joy for your day, perfect for gifting, or for self-care. 

beautiful gift boxed votive candles

beautiful gift boxed votive candles