PETAL Moisturising bath milk 140g

PETAL Moisturising bath milk 140g


PETAL moisturising bath milk by BON LUX

A luxe moisturising soak for feet and body made from all vegan ingredients, featuring our signature 'petal' scent and a scoop of pretty flower petals.

A companion gift with 'petal' FLOWERFACE mist or 'petal' scented eye pillows for the rose-lover!

For use:
run a bath, or fill a foot bowl with warm water, and towards the end, scatter 1 tablespoon of bath milk into water, swirl around with your hand. then slip into the water and breathe in the essential oils while your skin drinks up the creamy goodness of coconut milk and soothing salts.

dehydrated coconut milk, epsom salts, Himayala pink salt, sodium bicarbonate, essential oil, blend, dried rose petals.

Handmade in small batches, Melbourne, Australia.

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