IN BETWEEN DAYS Naturally Freshening Spray, 100ml

IN BETWEEN DAYS Naturally Freshening Spray, 100ml


IN BETWEEN DAYS naturally freshening spray
botanical perfume essential oil blend,
100ml atomiser bottle, by BON LUX

natural room/fabric spray based on the botanicals
used in making gin!

blending essential oils of fennel and juniper berries with citrus fruits

to create a beautifully scented multi-purpose natural freshener!

useful for freshening coats, couches, shoes and bags,
as well as a general room refresher, for home, office or the car.

shake well, spray in a stuffy room on soft furnishings,
spritz a stale coat, or tired jeans. the blend of citrus & herbs
freshens fabrics and neutralises odours.


vegan, cruelty free
essential oils of citrus, juniper, fennel
distilled water, alcohol

made in Melbourne, Australia.

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