EPICE DOUX ‘PASTEL’ travel tin candle

EPICE DOUX ‘PASTEL’ travel tin candle


EPICE DOUX ‘PASTEL’ scented soy wax travel tin

EPICE DOUX means 'soft spice' in French. The spiced scent of an old fashioned pomander, blending of orange rind with warm-chai spices of clove,  cinnamon and peppercorn.

burn this candle to bring a winter's afternoon glow to a room, a lovely lounge-worthy scent. A great gift for a gentleman, and anyone who loves spicy, earthy candles.

Tins can be re-lidded and kept safe from dust when not burning. 
Great for travellers, cheers up a stale room, take your signature scent wherever you go!

travel tin candle
100% cotton lead free single wick
55g weight
22mm high
65mm diameter
100% sustainable soy wax
unique hand-crafted perfume
4-8hr burn

brushed metal tin can be rinsed and re-purposed for hair pins, earrings or nic-nics when candle is done. 



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