All the facts

Made with

  • 100% soy wax­ from sustainable sources

  • 100% cotton wicks­, lead free for a clean burn

  • the finest plant ingredients, flower water, petals + essential oils, in our unique blends to scent our products

  • recyclable packaging – candle glass + glass bottles are easily washed out & reusable, all aluminium+plastic containers are kerb-side recyclable

  • unbleached cardboard packaging is recyclable and bio-degradable

  • support of local printers­ + box manufacturers for all of our design & packaging

  • Hands! We hand make everything!

Made without

  • ­Paraffin, palm or vegetable waxes

  • Animal ingredients

  • Artificial colours or dyes

  • Preservatives or fillers

  • Animal testing


ALMOND OIL: lip balms contain almond oil, so are no good for those with nut allergies

PREGNANT+ BREASTFEEDING WOMEN: pregnant/breastfeeding mothers are discouraged from applying our perfume/facemists due to essential oil content.

WHEATBAGS: as each microwave is different, we advise heating your wheatbag in increments of 30 seconds to check the heat, and ensure it doesn’t overheat and catch fire! Never used a smoky/scorched wheatbag, and be mindful with children as they feel heat more. Also, only spot clean and air dry the wheatbag as the organic contents may get damaged with exposure to water.


bon lux candles are 100% hand-made & can sometimes show small imperfections. we use the finest quality 100% soy wax, so sometimes the new candle surface may appear uneven in colour/texture - this is proof of the soy wax quality, and will even out with initial long burn. Also, note that as candle burns down it is normal for some wax to stick to glass sides.

Our bath milks contain no anti caking agents/preservatives and should be used within a few months of being opened, and stored away from water.

Candle care

  • each votive comes with a handy coaster packed inside the box, use this to keep unlit candles dust free, and during burning as a tabletop saver.

  • when you first burn a candle, allow it to burn long enough for wax to pool, as this allows for the scent to throw beautifully and encourages candle to burn nicely.

  • trim the candle wick each time you burn-6mm is the best length.

  • if you burn candle in draughty room it can cause the candle burn unevenly and the glass to get sooty!

  • don't leave burning candles unattended, or near kids or animals!

  • place candle on a heat proof surface, and away from curtains and soft furnishings.

  • spilled soy wax is easily cleaned up! just wipe with soapy cloth.

Reuse & recycle

bon lux have taken care to design beautiful packaging which can be re-used and recycled. use the kraft box for another gift, recycle the wrap, and the jar is great for pencils or flowers. once candle is burned down to its lowest, remove wick and rinse votive glass out with warm soapy water or pop in dishwasher to remove wax.

Glass return discount

return your empty glass back to one of our market stands, we will reuse, and offer you 10% discount off any purchase.